Meats & Eggs
Meats & Eggs
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Chicken & Eggs

ChickensAt Greenway Farms our flocks of chickens are truly “free range”. They roam over our farm pastures and are protected from predators by our Great Pyrenees dogs. This allows our chickens to eat grasses, seeds, berries, and other natural foods in addition to the specially formulated laying pellets that we feed them. Allowing our birds to roam free, peck and scratch in the fields as nature intended, and roost safely in our barn, they are raised more humanly and provide tastier, healthier, and more nutritious eggs. The chickens we sell, like our beef and pork, are processed in a USDA inspected facility. Our eggs are gathered, cleaned, graded, and packaged on our farm and are always guaranteed fresh.


Cows in Pasture

At Greenway Farms we raise our cattle in a stress-free, humane environment. All of our animals are pasture raised and fed a minimal amount of grains which are specially blended for us and contain no antibiotics, growth hormones, or chemicals. Our cattle are not "feed lot raised". Instead, they graze throughout the year on a variety of grasses which are supplemented with hay during winter months. Raising cattle this way takes longer and costs a little more, but it ensures tender, tasty beef free of chemicals. We have personal contact with our cows every day and spend a little time with them, getting them accustomed to being around people and not being scared of humans. Our cows are not pets, but they are treated that way.

We have found that cattle raised in a stress-free environment and processed in a humane manner produce more tender beef. Our cattle are processed humanely and are USDA inspected to ensure top quality beef for our customers.


PigsAt Greenway Farms our pigs are fed a special blend of corn and other grains without growth hormones or other chemicals, and are pasture raised. They eat the specially blended feed from a self-feeder but also have a pasture and wooded area in which to root around and make their own mud holes to cool off. The pigs are lean on fat with plenty of tasty pork due to eating roots, grasses, and berries in their pasture. By not feeding pigs in a confined space, a method which promotes faster weight gains, we opted to raise ours in a more humane fashion by allowing them to live the way nature intended, rooting around in the ground. This method takes longer to raise a pig but ensures a better tasting, tender, healthier cut of pork. A difference you can taste!